If you care about the appearance and durability of your vehicle, then paint correction is well worth the cost. Paint correction will remove light scratches and swirl marks from the paintwork. Paint correction services are available at The Detail Station in Cincinnati, Ohio, to keep your investment looking its best.

What Does Paint Correction Do?

To achieve the best paint correction results, the team undertaking the work must be highly trained to ensure they level your paintwork to a showroom shine without damaging the clear coat. Paint correction is a process that takes many hours, and it is designed to remove swirl marks and light scratches from your paint!

Paint correction will remove unsightly imperfections and restore your vehicle’s luster because swirl marks can cause your paint to lose its shine. In addition to eliminating these imperfections, a paint correction will level the clear coat of your painted surfaces, resulting in a faultless mirror surface.

Further, paint correction will extend the life of a vehicle’s paint finish, particularly when locked in with a paint protection service. The paint correction process, partnered with a sealant or ceramic coating, will help preserve your factory paint from the elements and prolong its life.

Level 1

Stage 1 paint correction is designed to remove those heavier and deeper scratches in the painted surface. If a scratch is deep, it will require wet sanding techniques, followed by aggressive polishing pads and compounds to remove the deep imperfection. If a scratch is very deep and has gone through the clear coat, it will require re-painting.

Level 2

Stage 2 paint corrected will remove those medium to light swirl marks and additional imperfections in the paintwork such as marring, holograms, and water spot damage bringing the paintwork to a higher quality.

Level 3

The final stage is where a light polishing compound is used with a soft finishing pad. The purpose here is to bring the paintwork to a very high gloss and to make the paint pop and shine more.

What Variables Influence The Price Of Paint Correction?

The price of paint correction will depend on the size and condition of your vehicle. Suppose you have an older model car that’s been neglected significantly. In that case, it will likely cost more than a recently purchased vehicle with pristine bodywork because this requires more work and hours put in.



  • Paint is machine polished with an ultra fine polish to enhance gloss and remove very light defects.

  • Recommended for vehicles that are free of swirls and scratches, but looking to maximize gloss, or for vehicle owners who are not concerned with paint correction.

  • *Exterior Detail Add-On Service. Deluxe Exterior Detail Service must be selected in conjunction with this service.


  • Can remove up to 50-70% of paint imperfections

  • Paintwork is machine polished using a medium to fine polish to remove general swirl marks for an excellent improvement in gloss and clarity

  • Recommended for vehicles that have swirl marks, without many heavier scratches.  A great option for daily driven vehicles.

  • Exterior Detail Add-On Service.  Basic or Deluxe Exterior Detail Service must be selected in conjunction with this service.

  • Approx. 2 days


  • Can remove up to 70-85% of paint imperfections

  •  A two-step correction process is performed to remove heavier swirl marks  and scratches for an incredible transformation and outstanding gloss.

  • Recommended for vehicles with moderate swirl marks and few deeper scratches.  Perfect for vehicle owners seeking a great transformation in clarity and gloss.

  • *Exterior Detail Add-On Service. Deluxe Exterior Detail Service must be selected in conjunction with this service.

  • Approx. 2 days


  • Includes: Deep cleaning and decontamination of exterior including clay bar, fallout removal, and light tar removal. Paint thickness readings are taken.  A multi-step correction process is custom tailored to remove as many defects as is safely possible. In order to chase the ultimate finish, we will use our specialized tools to analyze and remove all types of paint defects. When correction is complete, the paint is finely polished to reveal a finish with unrivaled clarity and gloss. 

  • Note: There may be deep scratches deemed unsafe to remove

  • Recommended for vehicles with moderate to heavier swirl marks and paint defects in need of extensive work.  This service is perfect for vehicle owners seeking the ultimate finish from fully customized service package without compromise. ​

  • *The level of work involved for this service is very project specific. Final invoicing will vary substantially from car to car based on the labor required.

  • *Exterior Detail Add-On Service.  Deluxe Exterior Detail Service must be selected in conjunction with this service.

  • *Approx. 3 days


How to tell if your car needs paint correction services? If you see swirls on the surface of your vehicle left behind by machine wash brushes or bad washing techniques, it’s time for a paint correction service. If your vehicle looks dull and has lost its shine and lustre, its definately time to book a paint correction service.

When we polish and correct your car’s paintwork, what we are removing are thousands of tiny scratches. These small flaws in design can be attributed to improper washing or drying techniques which leave them looking like spider webs on the surface.

Swirl Marks Hazing and Marring Medium to Light Scratches Bird droppings and bird dropping etchings Moderate to minor water spots Bugs, tree sap, and road tar


The Detail Station combines cutting-edge technology and professional products to improve your car’s paintwork. Visit the team at The Detail Station in Cincinnati, Ohio, where our passionate team can remove almost any flaws from your vehicle. Call us at 513-239-8534 or visit us at 8821 Chapelsquare Ln Suite, Cincinnati, OH 45249, United States, to schedule an appointment!